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Friends Only

This is a friends only journal
I'm sorry, but I'm not adding new people at this moment in time

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following you wherever you may land my dear ♥

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This made me smile ❤️

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WOW beautiful header!!

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It is nice, isn't it? I forget which community I found it in now. I also forgot to leave credit ... I must rectify that :/

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That's really nice. Did you do that artwork?

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Oh, I wish I had :)

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Happy belated birthday. I have seen you on quite some common friends's LJs and had a look into your profile than because I am curious :D. Since we have quite some things in common, I would like to check in as LJ friend. :D

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Thank you so much :) We have quite the number of mutual friends and it would be lovely to add you to my list, so that's just what I will do right now :) x

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yay <3